Formats & Sizes

A & B Paper Sizing

Don't know your A0's from you A7's, well we are here to help! Paper sizes, in the UK, are usually in either A or B formatting. B sizes are less commonly used, though you may come across them in art shops or with certain paper mills. Both work on the same principle that if you fold the paper in half to get the next size down. 

A4 is the most commonly used paper size being that used fro most office printers. Paper sizes interestingly get bigger as the number goes up. So if A4 is you standard paper getting to piece and sticking them together along the LONG edge will create an A3 page. Conversely folding it in half will make A5. Thats something to get right because you don't want your place settings at A0 and your Table plan at A7, trust us!

Enough paper chat lets get some context!



Invitation & Save The Date Sizes

Wolf & Ink ready to go collection invitations come in all of the above sizes, A5 is our most common size with a few smaller postcard sized designs in A6 format. Information cards, maps, RSVP cards, Pocketfolds, Timelines etc are all sized to co-ordinate with the main invitation set so they will vary slightly from one design to the next but are all within the range above. Save the dates are usually A6 though the embossed design has a universal square size.

You will note we do have some alternative sizing possibilities [or....]. These alternative sizes co-rodinate with other elements of the design, for example allowing the cards to stack in a pocketfold.

Envelope Sizing

Co-ordinating envelope sizes are referred to as C sizes - so a C5 envelope is designed to fit an A5 card. C envelopes do give a lot of extra room so that it is easy to get the card in and out. This is perfect if your stationery set is a full enclosed bundle, with some depth to it. However if you are just going for invitations we might suggest a slightly smaller envelope for a neater fit.


Stationery Sizes

Alongside the standard A sizing shown, we have a few other common sizes that we use in our stationery. DP, is a common Menu or Order of Service format. Mini SQ is a neat size that perfectly suits our smaller details bundles. PS is a common size for place settings, it is similar to business cards whilst TG is a common square Tag size. This list is not exhaustive but should help you to navigate the different sizes of our Letterpress Stationery.

Wedding Invitation Sizes

A5 format designs:

Calligraphy Pocket | Winter | Island | Tipi | Copper London | Monogram Pocket | Emblem | London Skyline | Neon Fiesta | Retro Stamp

Square format designs

London Taxi | Wax Seal | Embossed

A6 format designs:

Gold Deco | Modern Geometry


Bespoke Sizes

Not loving what you see? Well we can always create something bespoke just for you designed is a size to suit your needs. One thing to bear in mind however is envelopes, envelope making, even handmade envelope making requires a die-cutting process, which basically means that sizing has to be standardised - so whilst a lot of options are available it is sometimes best to start with envelopes and work back.