Timelines &
Order of Events

A Timeline, Itinerary or Order of Events card, details what is happening and when - so that your guests know what to expect. It makes a great addition to your wedding stationery and can be a great help getting your guests int he right places at the right time! 

Wedding Timeline Design

As plain text or with  illustrations, timelines are a brilliant way to help organise your guests on the day. You can also add instructions of where to go when to ease the load for your ushers! Designed in a style to match all our Ready To Go wedding designs to suit the rest of your letterpress wedding stationery.

Formats & Layouts

Wedding timeline / order of events / itinerary cards can be designed in many ways our most popular sizes can be held by hand, perfect if you are looking for one per guest. However the sky is the limit we can certainly do a large format print, like our canvas table plans.

Organising the Big Day

Lots of guests and logistics to sort out? The perfect place to include this extra information is in a guest day bundle, check out the Wax Seal Design for cards including an Order of the Day and Photo Itinerary schedule - it might save your Maid of Honour from running around chasing down your extended family for the photoshoot!