Place Settings & Escort Cards

Place Cards, probably one of the most important items for your wedding reception stationery as without these you might end up sitting next to your spouses' Great Uncle Bill, ok he might be very nice but still not your first choice for your Wedding Day!

Place Cards

These are placed at each individual seat to let the guests know who is sitting there - simple really! Letterpress place cards are headed with a motif or logo or can be a printed border.

Escort Cards

Originating from the US, escort cards are an alternative to a Table Plan, they are laid on a table and let the guests know where they are sitting. They don't replace place setting cards as these are still required in the individual guests seats.

Letterpress Printing

Place and escort cards are letterpress printed with a monogram, logo, motif, or pattern design, The individual guest names still need to be added.


It is not possible to print individual guests names by letterpress. You can go the traditional route and write them yourselves, or get your mum / bridesmaid / granny to do it because she has pretty handwriting... Or we can help, we offer both Calligraphy & digital printing.

Alternative Place Settings

Place settings don't have to be separate items of stationery you can add your guest names to other items of stationery, such as: Wedding Tags, Day Bundles, Games Bundles, Wedding MenusFavours - if you've got another idea we would love to hear it!