Ink & Foil

With letterpress printing we can print in 3 different ways - ink, foil or blind. Each makes use of the plate being pushed into the card to create impression, which is known as 'deboss'. When you run your finger across the card you can feel the texture of the print embedded into the card.

Letterpress Ink

The traditional finish for our cards, the plate is rolled with a thin layer of ink which is pressed into the card. Letterpress inks are each printed separately and are transparent so you can create some lovely effects with overlays.

Pale and pastel colours are stunning by letterpress as they help to accentuate the impression and create a beautiful textured effect. To learn more check out our Letterpress Guides

Ink Effects

We can create a few variant effects with ink printing by controlling and mixing colours on the inking disc. We can also create 'watercolour', 'Ombre' and 'shadowing' effects.

View example: Neon Fiesta

Blind Printing

Printing with no ink, the impression is set to deep and we always use the thickest card to really give depth to our blind prints a stunning high quality finish for any stationery. 

View examples: Retro Stamp | Embossed is printed with a very pale grey for an 'enhanced blind' effect.

Foil Printing

This finish is great for metallics, foil printing gives a shiny solid finish. The impression for foil printing is less due to the print process but foil can add a stunning glamorous & luxurious finish to your wedding stationery.

View examples: Monogram PocketGold Deco | Copper London