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Each piece of our letterpress stationery is individually printed on an antique printing press, individually controlled and managed by hand.

We hand mix our inks for each separate print run and the level of impression or deboss you get on each card is controlled by twisting bolts and layering up tissue paper. Every element of the design and print process is managed by hand, making each print unique.

Eco-Friendly Stationery


Our paper and card stocks are meticulously selected, not only for their 'letterpress-ability' but also for their green credentials. We exclusively use eco-friendly paper and card stocks for all our designs, from 100% recycled stocks to tree-free paper.  

In the studio all our packaging boxes, tissue and stickers are made from recycled stock too. We also follow the good old adage of reduce, re-use, recycle, so please if possible do the same with our boxes once you are finished with them. All our products are made and sourced within the UK.

Luxury Stationery

Luxury Stationery

Our paper, card and finishing products are all selected for their quality manufacturing and finish. We use super-thick 700gsm stock for all our invitations, as it suits letterpress impression beautifully and feels incredibly luxurious.

All our paper stocks have a stunning naturally matte textured finish. Our recycled stocks also have the advantage of taking letterpresses impression really well to create a perfect pillow deboss.


Wolf & Ink was set up by Julia Wolfe, a qualified architect and stationery aficionado, who fell in love with letterpress due to the amazing tactile quality of the prints, which have so much more personality than the standard printing methods today. Having given her heart to letterpress printing, she set to work creating designs that suited that printing style perfectly, inspired by everything from Japanese fabrics and 18th-century engravings to Liberty prints and modern architecture.

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