National Stationery Week Giveaway - No 2!

Looking for an S! 

Today  [in honour of National Stationery Week] we are giving away a box on monogrammed S notecards - So we obviously need a good S to send them to!

Here is how it works you can nominate yourself or a friend who's name begins with S on twitter. We have started the ball rolling by nominating 3 S's we know! If they want the nomination to count they have to nominate to!

Just tweet @wolfandink and add your nomination!

Help us by nominating an S on twitter to get these lovely cards you can nominate yourself but you have to nominate someone else too!

Help us by nominating an S on twitter to get these lovely cards you can nominate yourself but you have to nominate someone else too!

National Stationery Week Giveaway!

For your chance to win a free letterpress notepad - just follow us on twitter before the end of National Stationery Week. [6th April].

The first of 3 National Stationery Week giveaways launched by Wolf & Ink - Tomorrow we will be looking for an S! Check back in if you or any of your friends names start with an S!

Letterpress Notepad Wolf & Ink
You could win one of these - Just follow us on twitter!

You could win one of these - Just follow us on twitter!

Letterpress Printing : Colour and Letterpress

As it is national stationery week – I wanted to continue the blog posts on the letterpress process (if you haven’t read anything yet might be best to start with my letterpress introduction and then impression) There is also a video here...

Today a little bit more about colour and letterpress.

Things to know : No 1 - Each colour is printed separately

In letterpress we use a relief plate or type which is inked and then pressed onto the printing surface.  The printing press itself will have rollers which are designed (as part of the printing motion) to run over the inking disc to collect ink then onto the face of the plate and cover it with ink.

Rollers and inking disc on little Adana press

Adana - Letterpress printing

  This means each colour in a design needs its own plate and will be printed separately. What does this mean for you? The more colours in the design the more it will cost. And you can do very cool things with overlapping colours!

Things to know : No 2 – Letterpress inks are transparent

That’s really a does what it says on the tin kind of statement. The inks are transparent rather than opaque which given each has to be printed separately means we can do some really nice things with overlapping. In the letterpress world this is called ‘overprinting’ and as the inks are transparent you can see the shape of the layer below which is really nice in some designs.

Letterpress wedding Order Of Service

Things to know : No 3 – Letterpress ink colours are hand-mixed (well most anyway)

Rather than putting in a CYMK or RGB value each letterpress ink is hand-mixed. Being a hand process that means it isn’t always perfect but if I do say so myself we are pretty damn good at “mixing to match” – if you do want a mixed to match colour we recommend posting a sample of the colour you want. As lets face it all screen and printers print slightly different colours!

Letterpress colour mixing

To be continued ....... 

The National Vintage Wedding Fair - 23rd February

Come & see us!  

Wolf & Ink will be exhibiting at The National Vintage Wedding Fair this Sunday 23rd Feb!  A great chance to come and say hello and see some samples. The event is open 11-4 and is hosted in Chiswick Town Hall, London - check it out here..

We will have samples of a large range of our Letterpress Wedding Stationery. With letterpress wedding invitations from our 'Designed For You' range and letterpress wedding invitations from our 2014 Collection.

If you are planning to come down and want to see something specific please email us to let us know so that we can make sure it heads down to Chiswick!

Spring Pastels - Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Update: 16.02.14 - Seasonal Pastel Invitation set now available on Not On The High Street. Invitations & Save The Dates

I have been inspired by the recent pastel trend (I should note that I am watching my orange pastel nails clipping away on the keyboard as I type this) so have created a range of seasonal pastel letterpress wedding invitations and on the day stationery for 2014.  The designs will be available soon through our Not On The High Street shop so do check back to get them. In the meantime here is a sneaky preview of some of the items on offer.

Pastel Letterpress Wedding Invitation.jpg

I really love the pastel trend and think the use of pastels for styling the wedding day works really well as they have a calm pretty quality. Plus as an extra bonus it shouldn't be too hard to find your bridesmaids dress as there are lots of lovely pastel pieces in the shops for spring summer 2014.

Here are some of the pistachio green and light dusky pink in the letterpress wedding stationery range.

 Check out our Pinterest Board for some pastel styling ideas.