Wedding Supplier - The Dress - Edeline Lee

Since so much time of wedding planning is finding the right people to work with I wanted to use this blog to share with you about some of the great suppliers we used for our wedding. It was super important to Mr. Wolf & Ink and I to use real people, that we got to know rather than the big wedding companies, so i thought you might like to hear about the best of the lovely people who helped us!

The first and most brilliant lady I want to talk about is my dress designer Edeline Lee.  Here is the amazing dress she designed for me...

Edeline has a fashion label and very kindly created my bespoke wedding dress.  The dress is a beautiful organic crepe with detailed embroidery on the shoulders.  Due to the beautiful classic cut it had a lovely vintage feel but also had an incredibly modern edge with all the contemporary beading.

 The shoulder beading was based on a leaf design – crafted out of two tones of grey sequins and antique silver beads. It was so luxurious lots of our wedding guests couldn’t stop stroking me!

And as you can see the dress was stunning and made me look a whole load more glamorous than I really am – what's not to love!  I can't thank Edeline enough for making me feel so lovely on my wedding day it made such a difference to walk down the aisle feeling really great.  I can't even begin to imagine how different the day would have been if I had felt awkward and self conscious in my dress!  She was so great with everything so thank you Edeline.

To see more from Edeline head to her website -