3 Top Tips for Brides on their Wedding Day

Don’t Throw the bouquet - Dry it!

... Or both.  I have never been part of the bouquet ‘throw – catching’ tradition. I don’t know why but at every wedding I have been to I seemed to have missed it.  So I didn’t throw my bouquet - quite simply because I wanted to keep it. I have a beautiful bridesmaids bouquet that I had dried after my sisters wedding and I decided to do the same with mine!

However if you are a big fan of the bouquet throwing – or as I have realised is more commonly the case you have a friend that is so keen be watched catching it (usually by boyfriend who is a little slow on the uptake and still hasn’t proposed after 9 years).  Then I would throw a bridesmaids bouquet and keep yours or visa versa if there is some ‘magic’ attached to the brides bouquet itself.

Don’t forget to cut the cake!

....Beyond the first ceremonial slice.  To clarify we did remember to cut the cake - one nice slice down the middle of the top tier. However we didn’t organise to get it cut into slices, so nobody was able to eat any, oops! On the following day when we went to collect all our bits and bobs from the wedding - there it was all 3 tiers, enough to feed 100, and two layers were sponge so we couldn’t even keep them in the freezer!


Make time for a little alone time with your new hubby!

With all the million and one people, photos, cake cutting, canapé disasters etc. It can be really hard to find the time to fit in a bit of alone time – but it is definitely worth it. We had a 15 minutes rest and chat whilst all the other guest were sitting themselves down for dinner – it was one of my favourite parts of the day.