Wedding Supplier - Photographer - Naomi Goggin

One of the brilliant suppliers we used for our wedding was Naomi Goggin. She was so great, her photos are absolutely stunning and a pleasure to have share the day with us. So I just wanted to show a few more of her beautiful pictures (if you have seen any of my other posts they are dotted all over the place).

Here are 10 of my favourite shots from the day.... 

Choosing a wedding photographer

Whilst we absolutely adore Naomi's photos one of the best things about having her was how well we got on.  Your photographer is there from first thing in the morning whilst you get ready until the dancing so make sure they are someone who you would want to share the day with.

I really noticed this in the morning getting ready, as it is very private moment with friends and family, it can also be quite stressful if you are nervous - so just remember that the photographer will be sharing it with you. Maybe that slightly strange male photographer who broke four glasses in your house when you met him (though he takes great photos) isn't so perfect after all!

Needless to say we were so happy we chose Naomi - to see more of her pics head to her blog or website