DIY wedding guestbook with letterpress papers

I don't know about you but I have always found the act of writing in the guestbook after a wedding pretty stressful. Firstly you are not sure what to write, so then you leave it until the end of the night, which can be a little risky depending on how free flowing the wine is!

So hoping to turn the guestbook into something fun (rather than dreaded!) We decided to source a beautiful old typewriter for people to write notes on alongside some pens to write and some pencils to draw with.  See below It was a beautiful old Olivetti typewriter in blue. 

I designed 3 different paper headers for the different tasks, writing, drawing or typing and pressed them onto a white printer paper (typewriter), letter paper and watercolour paper for drawings.

Here are the designs... Interestingly loads of people did type us letters they were so brilliant and funny. We also got a few handwritten letters but sadly no drawings!  

The designs were taken from some stunning vintage engravings that I found in those old books that describe the correct way to hold a pen and draw - I just love them.