Wedding DIY - Confetti Cones

 When it comes to most things to do with a wedding – everyone has an opinion.  And confetti is no different from anything else in this respect, some people want to be showered with it, others don’t want it stuck in their hair, some believe only women should throw it, others only children. 

I believe...

  1. There should be lots – everyone should get to throw it.
  2. You should have cones – they stop you crushing it into bits in your hand first.

Though be warned if you follow this advice you will get ambushed - Mr Wolf & Ink and I were still picking confetti out of our hair when we left for our honeymoon.

Wedding Confetti Cones DIY

We made 110 (1 each) music paper cones for our confetti and here is a little tutorial on how to do it.  It is incredibly cheap, very easy and surprisingly quick.

What you need:

Paper - we used old piano books that I bought from ebay £1 for 4 books (each a4 sheet makes 2 cones so for 100 cones you only need 50 sheets/pages).

Scissors / craft knife



Glue stick / double sided selotape

Wedding Confetti Cones DIY


Remove the staples from the music book and cut in half until each sheet is apx a4 (you can chop them all together it doesn’t need to be perfect).

Fold these sheets in half and cut again

Measure the shorter edge on the sheet on a ruler (I usually draw a pencil arrow mark). Mark this length on the long edge and cut till you have a square.

Choose which side you want to be on the outside (the nicer one - as this will be more visible) place that side down on the table. Glue or tape up the inside edge of the square. Roll and stick – Done!

I just did mine whilst watching TV over an evening. Though beware since we had so much confetti and the additional projection of the cone we got completely attacked with confetti – I was pulling it out of my hair, mouth and underwear for the rest of the day. Great fun though!