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Earlier this year I got married - You should know I am not a conventionally ‘weddingy’ person.  I adore my husband and was always terribly excited about the idea of us being married, but when he proposed to me he joked that he nearly brought brown paper bags with him so that he could handle my panic attack!

My wedding panic has always been focused on the ‘walking down the aisle’ - I don’t know about you but I am terrible at being centre of attention. So the idea of walking down the aisle was for me a terrifying idea.

However on the day it went down like a breeze and I actually managed to smile….


Wedding Aisle.jpg

So the reason I mention my engagement is this, almost the following day driving home from our ‘secret’ weekend away.  I turned to my fiancé (now husband) to say..

          “I'm soo excited we are engaged - Now I can get a letterpress!”

This may seem like an odd exclamation. In-fact I don’t think my husband was best pleased that this was my primary excitement about the whole engagement.  But he did nonetheless smile — and say I could.

Since then I have been making invitations for friends and family (and acquaintances) and I’m now on the verge of launching my new business Wolf & Ink.  This blog is a little background for the business but also a platform to share lots of the other wedding things I have learnt or used in my own wedding and fun things & inspirations I have seen at other peoples. 

I am a designer and love to make things so we had lots of homemade bits and pieces for the day - I hope some of these ideas & inspirations are useful to you. Also there will definitely be more about wedding invitations, letterpress, DIY’s and as I’m a big fan of vintage bits and pieces I will definitely bring you some of those as well. Hope you enjoy the photos! 

Photos Copyright Naomi Goggin - Click the link below to see more of her awesome photos!